Monday, December 29, 2014

Walking Weather - Depending on Your Direction

Sure it's 30-below or so, but if you are walking into the sun it's actually warm on your face. When you turn back and walk into the little wind—that's a different ball game.

I went for a beautiful stroll yesterday afternoon. It was so bright and glittering I could've stayed out there forever.

There is still a lot of hoar frost and it is still causing power outages. We have been fortunate in that power's gone off several times and come back on within minutes.

Heading out the driveway...

Sign and machine that came with the place


  1. I love the pictures you take Kate, you live in such a beautiful place! I have only driven across the prairies twice, and loved it! What a sky!

    I have a great deal of trouble trying to comment on your blog! I usually type it all in, then try to use Name/URL, but that just fails. Then I try my wordpress account, but by the time I go to wordpress and login and try to come back, everything I wrote is gone. I don't know why blogspot makes it so difficult! I have the same problem on other blogspot journals, don't know why.

    1. Thanks, Maggie! I find it beautiful here too.
      Lots of blogs give me trouble commenting as well; it's usually the Wordpress ones, mind you, so that's strange. But the Name/Url seems to be the most likely to work, for me ...
      You aren't the first person to tell me they have to jump through 1000 hoops to comment here. I wish I knew what to do about it!

  2. I used the name/url this time and I see it has worked, thank goodness. So often I want to leave a comment, but can't make it work. This success will definitely inspire me to try harder!

  3. hoar frost is so BEAUTIFUL. I never really want to walk until I read one of your posts, and when I am walking, I tell myself to report on it to you. It's not exciting though. It's town walking. The only exciting town walking I've had in a while was walking home through the downtown at 2 am after seeing a Christmas drag show and buying a dark chocolate latte to offset the 3 glasses of horrible wine I had during the performances. I had a kind of Brothers Grimm feeling as I zipped along. We all have our special darkstuff. OK, maybe not you

    1. When I'm in town, I don't even WANT to walk. It's a whole different experience. Although I've always liked walking in towns at night, when all the houses look kinda magical and cosy.

      I'm pleased as hell, though, that my posts make you want to walk, and that you think of me when you're walking. Sweet!


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