Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gardens to Come

Once the greenhouses are open, I can't stop myself.
Even though I know it's too soon.
Even though I've promised myself that I won't plant anything out before the second week of June, because of the way the weather's been in recent years. Even though I get sick and tired of moving the trays in and out of the porch at night, and trying to keep them out of the horrid wind, and of the soil in the small pots drying up so quickly.
I've already been to two different greenhouses and already spent $125 and here's what I have to show for it:
First tray gets its first direct sun out on the step.
Both trays come into the porch for the night. It still gets down to freezing out there.

These are not even all my favourites! They're just flowers that caught my eye.

And some green peppers and jalapenos and a few herbs. Someone has decided to prepare a proper garden space behind the house, and has been hauling soil from the field:

He is a fine vegetable gardener so I hope he goes for it. My first love is flowers and they will always be my priority (unless I'm starving), but I'll chop and freeze tomatoes and peppers and make all the salsa he can eat if he keeps a garden.

We did have a garden back there when we first moved. It was quite large and was all flowers, but the soil was shallow and there was a lot of clay. Eventually I moved everything to a new flower bed in the front yard, where I could admire it through the windows of the house.

In the back yard we had a new well dug, and a new septic tank installed. Last summer the ground was left to settle. This year it is being levelled for grass planting, and ... a new garden space with rich black soil.


  1. While I love flowers, and vegetables, I plant neither. People tell me that I could get even more joy if I were part of the process but it works against my delight in retirement and my failed tries years ago. The only thing I ever grew well was mint, but they tell me mint grows itself and humans interfere at their peril

    1. You're smart not to do more than you really want to. It's why I don't like vegetable gardening, although there is also much satisfaction in it: it's a tyrant. It must we weeded NOW. It must be watered NOW. It must be picked NOW. No, thank you.

  2. Yes, I can hardly wait, I feel I'm behind on planting a bit, I'm no gardener. BUT. POTS.

    1. Yes, pots! And there are some beautiful pre-planted ones to be had, too. Someday I'll be going that route. Even now, I sometimes find the flowerbeds to be an overwhelming task. Pots might be just right. All the pleasure without all the work.

  3. Although my yard needs plenty of TLC, am I the only person who is not interested in gardening? There never seems to be enough time and the critters end up eating everything we have planted at one time or another.

    1. I live in fear of critters! Ha! Not really, but probably should. Deer wander into the yard and our old dog Jenna doesn't bother barking at them, but they've never done damage YET. I worry more about the cattle breaking out of the pasture (Scott keeps a few here in the summer) and stomping all over everything. It hasn't happened; knock on wood. You're not alone in your lack of interest in gardening and I don't blame you one bit: gardens are tyrants, I say, tyrants!


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