Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kitchen Makeover

The top cupboards have been empty for a week or maybe two. Dishes for everyday use sit on the kitchen table. The rest are in boxes in the office or on the bed behind my desk.

That is all about to change.
After working in the field all day, Scott came home and started on the top cabinets.

They are "cheap" cupboards, he said.
"Hmph," said I, after saving for the past year to buy them. "They're better than what we had, and that's good enough for me."
The odd time I was called to fetch a bag of screws or a clamp. I was here in the office at 10 o'clock last night when I heard, "Aren't you even going to come and see how they look?"

This morning he is back out in the field.
The plan is to install the bottom cabinets when the arborite arrives.
I can hardly wait to not see all that crap inside the lower cabinets.

Today I'll be wiping down the shelves and putting the dishes away.


  1. They look good Kate! As for being "cheap", well I have a theory about that one. Attila works in the building trade, and there are a lot of very affluent people who can afford to hire contractors to install custom cabinets, very high end. What that means for Attila, is that anything WE could afford would look "cheap" by comparison.

    Your kitchen cupboards look good to me!

    1. They're a huge improvement, that's for sure, and you're right: after installing cabinets for decades now, Scott, like Attila, has seen a lot more expensive ones to compare to these.

  2. Replies
    1. There will be an "after" photo. After arborite. After handles. After seeding. Could be a while!


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