Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rare Light

I don't muck about with the photographs I post here. No fancy stuff. No long exposures, no tripod, no adjustment of colour or hue, any of that. Hell, I'm lucky when I can hold the camera still enough that the picture isn't blurry; the most I ever do is crop them a little.

Anyway, on my way back from town on Sunday after taking Emil back to the group home, the evening light was literally an orangey pink. I snapped this when I got out of the car.


  1. Beautiful Kate! What a private spot you have, so peaceful.

  2. Bad laptop shows the sky pinky-blue and the trees pinky-orange.

    1. I noticed on Everett's laptop that the colours in the pic were off, too. However, the colours NATURALLY were quite weird. Plus we are looking east, so can't blame the sunset for the pinky sky.


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