Saturday, June 13, 2015

Off to an Auction

The sheltered workshop has opened a secondhand clothing store on Main Street, and once in a while, when I take a break from work and need something to do with myself, I stop in and flip through the clothing on hangers.

Once I picked up a brand new nightie for about $4. It was a "large" but I thought "It's a nightie, it'll be fine," and it is. Not only is it fine, but it is light, airy, and has pretty lace and other sewn features, and I have been wearing it quite a lot on warm nights. I'm wearing it now.

This week I spent $24 and came home with six new items: five shirts and one set of pyjamas. I removed the tags and laid them out on my bed for a photo (thinking always of you!) before folding for drawers or slipping onto hangers.

I lay in bed the next morning, propped up with a book and my cup of black coffee, and was so delighted by the sight of the red-checked shirt in the doorless closet. Clearly I am a lover of the colour, yet do not wear it nearly often enough.


There is an auction sale in Margo this morning. It starts in 40 minutes and Scott wants to go. He hopes there will be a tiller for sale. I'll pop over to my aunt Shirley's for a quick visit while he's there.

Then it will be back here so he can keep at the cupboards. He picked up a new sink in town an hour ago and should have everything he needs.


  1. Hello fellow thrift shop devotee. Love my bargains. I just started typing here and a friend called. Good luck with the cupboards and the ants. I was plagued with those buggers. What % mix do you use with the icing sugar and borax?

    1. 1/4 cup of icing sugar and one tablespoon of borax
      well, depending on what recipe comes up when i search my files


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