Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Perfect Summer Day

Not too hot, not too cold. I lack only a friend to sip with. And a patio.

It's 7 o'clock and my mate is still out working somewhere (so that I can enjoy this luxurious lifestyle, he'd be sure to say). It's just me, the dogs, the cattle and the wine.

I didn't wait supper though. I've had steamed potatoes and broccoli, and marinated sirloin tip steak. The kitchen's smoky; I'm frying a second helping of steak.

A bike ride might be beckoning. I haven't seen the baby teals today; they were nowhere in sight when I walked north, earlier.


  1. Love the gal with her wine! Funny you should mention it, because today was the first time in twenty some odd years that I thought I might like to just sit on the back porch and enjoy a drink (allergic to wines so it would have to be liquor). I think I have some of that stuff stashed somewhere around here. A sippin' partner would make it just about perfect!

    1. We may have to join the laptop world and do some skyping from our decks! next best thing to being there?


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