Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tree Stump Fairy House

Sheila is making a fairy garden.

Here's an idea I like and may implement somewhere, someday ...

If you do it, Sheila, let me know!

If I ever see a fairy, I'll certainly report it here on my blog.


As Dad would say:
"Kathy, you know what they say about people who (see ghosts, talk to themselves, whatever) ... ."


  1. I can always remember when I accepted the fiction of fairies.

  2. Don't you listen to people like your Dad! Spoil-sports, I call them. ,-)))))) Or just lacking the "whimsey gene". -grin-

    With that perfect little Faerie House, you are sure to see one, soon.

    Oh but! Faeries are known to like a bit of sweet... Perhaps leaving a thimble full of honey, outside their door, would make them happy???? Or even a couple of pretty wild flowers. Maybe???

    Just don't give up on seeing them.

    Back when you were a child, you would see them. Remember the fun, that was? To believe in so many fanciful things. If only we could get some of that sweetness, back. :-) Before the staid old world, stamped wonder, out of us....


    1. Alas I don't recall ever seeing one ... but that doesn't mean I didn't!


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