Saturday, August 22, 2015

Furnace in August

I thought twice about it, but then I did it: turned the furnace on.

This girl ain't walking around a 67F house all day.

Even if she did sleep till almost 10 o'clock, and only got up then because little Ducky was scratching like crazy at the porch door and when she let him in, she found he had torn into a bag of garbage Scott left in the porch so she had cleanup to do. Goddamn dogs (and men).

Now Scott, he left the house at 7:30 (she knows because that's when Ducky asked to be let outside and she got up the first time) and must've gone to work. No weekends off for that boy.


  1. Still burning hot here! AC hasn't been turned off in over a week. I'm anxious to have the windows open and a cool breeze blow through. The Boss/Bear is indeed the husband.

    1. I hope you get a break from the heat soon; too high, too low, neither is just right. What a bunch of Goldilocks we are!


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