Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Specs

Am I in trouble here?
These glasses are fine for everything but reading on the computer screen, so far. A girl needs more than a pinprick-sized area that isn't blurry, and shouldn't have to rubberneck all over the place, throwing her neck out of whack, to find the one tiny spot where letters are clear.

That will never do!

We'll see what happens when I tackle the book stack tonight. But then it's three straight days at the computer desk. Practically a trial by fire.


  1. Oh dear, those glasses sound challenging! I had a pair like that, my head kept bobbing about like one of those plastic dogs you used to see in the back dashes of cars, the ones with heads that wobbled as the car moved... that was me with my oddly progressive glasses. The ones I have now are great, I can focus on almost everything without much thought or effort. Hope they don't give you a giant headache!

    1. At this point I'm having trouble imagining how these glasses are going to work for me. Seriously.


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