Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Across the Road She Goes

Chicken carcass simmering on back burner: Check.
Leaves of sage on step, clipped and added: Check.
Toast and coffee down neck: Check.
Tarot card read: CHECK.
Bed made: Check.
Face washed: Check.
Aerial photo posted to FB and Twitter for WNews: Check.
Fresh batch "toothpaste" mixed: Check.
Teeth brushed: Check.
Loaves of bread made yesterday carried out to deep freeze: Check.

Too beautiful out to stay in, must grab camera and go: Check!

It's a gloryoryoryous day ...


  1. That is glorious Kate, I hope your weather is headed our way!

  2. Bed made? Really? That's not often on my check list. I enjoyed this post and the glorious day you speak of was here too. Hope there's many more to come.

    1. Ha, yes! I never used to be a maker of beds. Once, in my teens, I lost my winter jacket among my unmade bed sheets and blankets for at least a week. As an adult I never found it important to make my bed. Then I poked around Flylady.com's website, which has a lot of practical tips for keeping enough order in one's daily surroundings that you don't feel overwhelmed by the details of life. Among her advice was: Every day, make your bed as soon as you get out of it, and then wash, dress, eat, brush your teeth, etc., and get ready to the point of putting your shoes on to leave the house, even if you aren't going anywhere. Doing these things each morning would make a difference to how ambitious you are that day. I've tried these and found them to be true for me. However, I've only stuck to the making-the-bed one, as I like to see a made bed when I walk into a bedroom. It's more appealing to me as well as inviting. And if it wasn't made, I'd make it before I got in so everything was nice and neat. Otherwise I find myself tangled up in the sheets and blankets all night, and I hate that.

  3. Replies
    1. Aced, as in put it on? Nope, not on any checklist, anywhere. Can't remember the last time I wore mascara or, now that I haven't for so many years, why I would! Who WAS that alien woman who wore mascara, eyeliner and blush? I still have eyeliner in my bathroom drawer; might as well throw it out, don't know why I haven't.

  4. Looks like you had a beautiful Fall day.

  5. I could use the fresh air, treadmill is sooooooo boring :)


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