Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not Blindsided, but Might as Well Be.

First day at the computer for eight hours with progressives. SuckAGE. Not fun.

My co-worker Lee says he loves his now, though when he got them he was ready to throw them away the initial month.

"It's a matter of getting used to them," he says, repeating what the optometrist and his employees have said. "Then you'll automatically find that little window that works, without even thinking about it."

Uff Da.

In other big news from Ms Kate:

Click to enlarge.  From The Standing People, by Kahlee Keane.
Gunnar and Melissa have a mullein plant growing next to their driveway in Calgary, self-cloned by the one in the neighbours' back yard.

I've been keeping an eye out for it growing wild around here, but had no luck so far. Gunnar will save me some seeds from theirs so I can get some planted.


  1. Mullein is pretty invasive...

    The tip about progressive lenses my dr gave me was move your head not your eyes. Good luck!

    1. I'll be careful where I put it, then. Thanks for the headsup.
      And the head-not-eyes tip too.

  2. I have no tips for you but I will say I love my progressive lenses. I now only run into my own walls and corners occasionally.


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