Saturday, November 7, 2015


Joanne is here so we have feasted. She made a zucchini and spinach lasagna that is the best I've ever had. I got things out ("Where's the parmesan?" "I need a bowl" and so on), cleaned as we went along, and so on. We were both plenty busy till the casserole pan went into the oven.

We also went to the Xmas farmer's market in town this afternoon and blew some wads of cash.

One of my purchases, times seven:

Crocheted dishcloths; I bought all there were in these bright colours, came home and straightaway threw all the old faded ones into a plastic bag and relegated them to the cupboard beneath the bathroom sink for cleaning rags.
We took a drive out to the Rose Valley countryside, shared a toasted chicken footlong from Subway, and picked up an extra bottle of wine for the evening. We lit candles and listened to classic rock on one of the TV channels and ate cheesecake with dark coffee.

We always have fun, me and Joanne.


  1. If I knew you needed dishcloths I would have knitting you some (in the shape of my house or a whale or both!).

    Joanne sounds like my kind of pal. As do you!


    1. I didn't know I need those dishcloths till I saw them ... you know how THAT goes!

  2. Zucchini and spinach lasagna… mmmm!!
    It all sounds just wonderful!

    1. Sliced zucchini is 10,000 times better than noodles, I swear.

  3. wait! the noodle layer was zucchini? I'm definitely trying that.


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