Friday, November 13, 2015

Meteor, Strep Throat

"I found a video that is like when I show you how to play a videogame."

Everett said this when I got to his place last night after work.
By the time I had watched it with him (and he was right, for sure; it could almost have been him and me on that couch. I'll add the link when he sends it) and we had visited a bit, it was 7:30. He didn't feel like cooking and neither did I, so we walked downtown for supper.
He had his usual.
I promised you a picture, and you shall have it. See below.

I had the Chinese food smorg; for me, mostly vegetable chop suey.

Did I tell you we had a meteor go over on Sunday night? Through our living room window it looked like lightning had lit up the entire sky, and a minute later the house shook. They are saying the meteor hit the ground somewhere in east-central Saskatchewan, which is where we live. A friend in Kelvington, which is a half-hour northeast of us, posted on FB that she saw the fireball's flames.

Scott's got strep throat and went to the doctor today — that's when you know he's feeling rough. Anyway, the doctor said "You've just got a cold" and sent him home without a prescription. Honest. The boy's got razor blades in his throat and a two-ton truck on his chest. He knows when he's got strep — he has had it quite a few times — and the doctor didn't have the sense to listen to him or try to help.

Effin doctors, sometimes.

The drive home through the dark countryside this evening was sad, listening to the news about Paris.
Effin people.

Doctor Kate plugged in the kettle and made Scott some yarrow and spearmint tea, with strict instructions to drink a mug of it every hour till he goes to bed, and to do the same tomorrow. Ya gotta do something in hopes that things don't get worse. Strep throat is dangerous. You don't mess with it. You don't take it lightly. I bought Fisherman's Friend lozenges and NeoCitran cold and flu mix for Scott while picking up groceries (comfort food was on my menu), so he should be okay. Except maybe I'll get him to put VicksVapoRub on the soles of his feet, and then socks, before he goes to bed.

Poor guy, he'll soon be hiding from me.

Everett tucks his french fries into a grilled cheese sandwich. 
And here's the video he showed me.


  1. Sorry to hear that Scott is feeling under the weather. Doctor's can be good to have around at times, but in my experience one has to keep your chops up around them; most of them are far from the romanticized images of concern. The ones I know are very focused on the money, with the exception of the two family doctors I have had, who are definitely a cut above the crowd. I don't expect to find a third individual of such calibre, now that we have moved.

    1. We have had a lot of problems attracting and keeping doctors in rural Saskatchewan in recent years, and Wadena is no exception. (E.g. we gets locums who come and go and don't know their patients but like to come in and change 100-year-old ladies' prescriptions, making them sick when all they needed was a refill of what had been working fine for them for years. These doctors seem to think they know best when they know dick-all. It's aggravating.)
      You do have to be proactive when you go to see doctors, and this particular guy is, in my experience, always willing to give you what you ask for. I think Scott wasn't well enough to insist on what he needed, and allowed himself to be sent off with "just a cold."
      He is worse this morning, with a fever through the night, and having had trouble breathing a couple times, he says. I will be taking him to Emergency today I think, and the poor bastard will be sitting there waiting for hours to see a doc and get a prescription written, feeling like shit, rather than being home in bed where he belongs and on the mend from having started a course of antibiotics yesterday as he ought to have.

  2. I know here in rural Newfoundland it's been a challenge too. The long term doctor about 80k away is a chronic pill pusher with a revolving door of wealth pouring into his pockets and a 4 hour wait in his jam packed waiting rooms.
    I've lucked out with the new local who is intuitive and holistic in his approach. A big change from the previous married couple doctors.
    I hope Scott gets well soon and I love Everett's sandwich, we used to make them like that when I was a teenager :)


    1. I'll be sure to tell him that people my age (old ladies, to him) used to make sandwiches that way as teenagers. He'll probably be disappointed that he isn't doing something novel and modern!

  3. Take good care. Is strep throat catching? My daughter had it when she was on vacation in Manitoba and was about over it before she got home, but she said it was debilitating.

    1. I think it's contagious but, as many times as Scott's had it, I've only caught it once. And man, it was the shits. Every swallow felt like razor blades in the throat.
      We're just returned from the emergency room, where after about 45 minutes the same doc he saw yesterday came in and agreed to write the prescription he should've written yesterday. It seemed he thought Scott was overreacting to his symptoms and that they were "only viral," but I turned on the charm (such as it is; I don't really have any! what I do have is smalltown friendliness and faith in people doing their best) ... it works better than being demanding ... and would've insisted on the prescription in a more assertive way if need be.


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