Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's the Big Deal about Woolf?

Listen to this and maybe you'll figure it out.


  1. Never having enjoyed Woolf's writing, I have always appreciated that she had the room, and the money, to write. She was free from violence, poverty, and a lot of other things that the majority of women experience. Perhaps that is why her writing is of little interest to me, because her experience, and therefore her perspective, is much narrower than that of most women who walk the earth. Virginia Woolf does not speak to my experience of the world.

    Her talent is irrefutable.

    I prefer the broad, raw writing of authors such as Margaret Laurence.

    1. When Woolf describes a sight or a sensation, I'm right there with her. I prefer plot-driven fiction but appreciate her ability to put the subtle into words.


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