Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cards of Joy and Peace

It's been years since I took the trouble to send out Christmas cards. No longer does it even cross my mind, except when I receive one and remember what a pleasure it is to receive a personal note in the mail.

This came from Holly, whose wee babe I looked after, near Edmonton, 1989-90. 
This is a postcard from Maggie in Ontario. We were Katimavikers together in 1978-79. Our group was in Kedgwick, New Brunswick; Carlyle, Saskatchewan; and Gold Bridge, British Columbia. Those were the days. 
And this from the Parkinson's Society; no personal note, of course, but a pastoral scene.


  1. Not sure who is buying all those Christmas cards that are at the store. Year by year the number we get has dwindled.

  2. My sister Mary who is 17 years younger than me was in Katimavik in those years and places. It would be very serendipitous if you knew her.

    1. Wow, really? There was no Mary in my group, which was the first group to go to those three places in that particular order, but she would have been in a different rotation, that's all. Which place did she start in? And does she still, like me, have fond memories and dear friends from her Katimavik days, after all these years?

    2. And we'd at least both know some of the same locals, too!


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