Monday, January 25, 2016

My Seahorse

A little treasure as far back as my childhood is this keychain that comes complete with a seahorse. It was at my grandparents' house for as long as I remember, and at some point it became mine.

Funny how the details slip away, though for years they seem to be part of a life's wallpaper.

Keys to my safety deposit box, Cathy's house in the city, and Scott's little house down the road.

Where did it come from? Who brought it back from their travels? 
Also how, when you blog every day, you repeat yourself.
Just one of those things that happens!
Like getting grumpier as you get older, Dad said tonight when we spoke on the phone.
"I hope not!" I said, and we had a little chuckle.


  1. "Funny how the details slip away, though for years they seem to be part of a life's wallpaper."

    This is one of the reasons I keep my blog going! If I ever want to remember what my life used to be like, all I have to do it read it. Note to self: more pictures in the blog! They are so evocative.

  2. Maggie, once in while I look back through the archive here and see what was happening a year ago, five years ago, and so on. Not only is it delightful to be reminded and see the photographs, but whoa! does it ever drive home just how quickly the years are passing.
    Teresa, I wish my memory was good enough to give me the details like just who brought this keychain back from where. I'm hoping Aunt Reta will read this and remember.

  3. Ok. You have inspired me. Its been a little slow here lately but I guess I need to do a new blog post.


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