Friday, January 15, 2016

Wide Sargasso Sea

It was a case of the preface being more interesting than the novel itself.

The preface described the life of the author Jean Rhys and explained that she invented a life for the Rochester's mad wife, the woman locked in the attic in Jane Eyre. What a concept! Loved it. But the novel itself ... I didn't find believable. Stuff happened that had no logical cause and made no sense to me.

Yet the book is very highly thought of.
So there you go. What do I know?
Only what I like and don't like.
Only what inspires and thrills me, and what doesn't.
Only what satisfies me, and what doesn't.


  1. Oh yes, I can relate to that. I've bought some books based on the write up on the back or the kick ass start and then been sorely let down.

    1. Canada Reads and The Next Chapter (both on CBC Radio) have done that to me many times. They are both promoting Canadian books, and boy are they good at it! They can be so enthusiastic about the books that my interest is piqued, and then when I get them ... blah. "Shite," as the British might say. Which is why I am a library patron and not a purchaser. I'm not sure it's the quality or content of the books themselves, though; maybe it's more personal than that, more a matter of what speaks to me at any given time, and what doesn't.

    2. you might enjoy her biography more than her books

  2. "...maybe it's more personal than that, more a matter of what speaks to me at any given time, and what doesn't."

    Well said!

    Well, there you go Kate, I loved the Wide Sargasso Sea. So much so that I purchased a used copy of Jean Rhys' biography, a fascinating life, at least to me. Actually, I think I will see if I can find a free audiobook of the Wide Sargasso Sea, I listen to audiobooks while I cook, which is what I always seem to find myself doing.

    Yesterday I listened to David Jason reading one of the Wingfield books, and he did an outstanding job of it. Another thing I noticed about audiobooks, if I simultaneously play classical music in the background, I find it much easier to focus on the words. That is probably just me, but now that I know that I can listen to narrators I previously found so monotonous that they put me to sleep.

    1. I love audio books! But have to be doing something with my hands, or driving, while listening, otherwise I find them WAY too slow ... I can read faster, I guess.


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