Friday, February 19, 2016

Foggy Morn

Brrrring! Brrrrring! Brrrrrring!

Wha...? Is that my phone?

I was asnooze in Everett's living room in town. Last night he introduced me to Rick and Morty and Ash Versus Evil Dead. The former had its humorous moments. I was bored by the latter.

Scott was calling.
"Ducky is lying there whining, this morning. Can you bring his medication out, or do I have to come in and get it?"

The pills had been picked up from the vet in Yorkton yesterday and delivered to me at the office.

I dressed, started the car, and drove slowly out to our place over icy roads. It was around seven o'clock. Ducky Doodle got his meds (second round; he's been scratching himself crazy for weeks) and I got a big mug of hot black coffee before heading back to town around 8:30.

It was foggy and the sun was barely up and just beginning to burn through. Down the road, I threw Little Green into 'Park' and got out to take a picture.

The camera did not capture the beautiful scene I saw. Alas.
It was quite magical.


  1. Beautiful picture, especially to someone who lives in the big city! The last couple of days I was in south western Ontario near Lake Huron..all farm country. Sun dancing on rolling white, crispy snow blowing across the fields made me wonder why I was so cranky about winter.... Thanks for your picture.

  2. It's true. Pictures never quite do justice to what the eyes can see. However, that's an awesome shot!

  3. obviously we have different expectations of magical. that is amazing.


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