Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My phone, laying on the desk, warbles a spooky tune. Karen is texting me.
"Can I take you out for lunch today?"
But of course.

Lunch is at the Greek restaurant in town. We both order the chicken burger special. I eat all the salad before taking more than a bite or two out of the burger, and am full before it's half gone. Good thing Scott and his brother and Leonard P join us; I can always count on Scott to finish my meals.

Does it occur to me to snap a few photos? Apparently not.

From me, Karen picks up a bagful of flower-arrangement sponge that a gal had dropped off at the office for her.

She leaves me with belated-birthday presents: a new garbage can she'd bought as per my orders when she was shopping somewhere, and a set of (when I get home and look in the gift bag, I text to ask if they were meant to be wall hangings or what?) "coffee mug mats."

I won't set coffee mugs on them; they'd get stained. 
The flip side.
You can't tell by the photos, but the mats are small, like a half or even a third the size of a regular place mat. They're cute as can be. Click on the images to enlarge them and have a closer look.

I get a kick out of the gift bag. Look at the extra expense that went into the making of this one:

It's an actual piece of wood. 


  1. I love those wee mats, I'd probably frame them, I could never put a coffee on them. Love your pics of your vast landscapes and waiting for people, I do the same at our crossroads, LOL.
    And wee Duckie, oh my, gobble him up I would :)


    1. Everybody loves Ducky. He also understands English. Smart as can be.

  2. I wear my best clothes when I want, and use cloth napkins and accept that these things may not last long, but I'll love them to death till they're gone

    1. I'm the same with clothes and cloth napkins, although in my case they really WILL be gone quickly because our water is so hard it stains everything fairly soon. Scott needs to make up his mind what water system he wants. Me I don't care; just get one yesterday wouldya!
      I'll use these mug mats, but not to set mugs on.


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