Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Drink wine, don't drink wine.
Eat enough, don't eat enough.
Get enough sleep, don't get enough sleep.
Watch your posture or don't.
Do hatha yoga regularly or don't.
Either way, if you're me you'll still get these EFFIN NECK THINGS half-a-dozen times a month.
So drink and eat what you want, when you want. Sleep or don't. Sit straight or don't. Stretch or don't.
Dammit. I am sick of trying to figure it out, and failing.


  1. I totally get your frustration on doing your best but not getting the best results. Usually ends up as "it is what it is" not matter how hard one tries. Take care.

  2. I wish I could do a magical thing for you. Trying and failing may be good for learning but the cost is pretty high. Stay strong.

  3. Chronic health problems suck. Most of us have some as we get older, and lots of people have them in their twenties or earlier. It is good when other people do believe you that it sucks, because often people think others are just hypochondriacs until they experience horribly frustrating health issues themselves. Even then, I do think many people expect others to just get over it, or they say, see a doctor, dammit. Yet doctors frequently can't do a damn thing to fix these things.


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