Monday, March 14, 2016

Me and Eric Idle

I've discovered Eric Idle's blog and can't look away. He's a good writer and a funny person and those two together, well ... what's a girl to do!

He's a prolific writer, right now on tour with John Cleese in Australia. It's easy to fall behind in the reading, but no matter ... I tell myself ... the writing will be there when I get back.

Then we had two great dinners together, one at Kailis Bros in Leederville, and the other at the beautiful Matilda Bay Restaurant, which overlooks the water, during which Jupiter rose huge and golden as we dined. I always find the Universe comforting when humanity seems frustrating. –Eric Idle

If I don’t look on the bright side who the hell should? I always say I’m an optimist in the morning and a pessimist at night. –Eric Idle

The link to his blog is here on the page, where my "bookmarks" are listed.
And you can click on this picture to go see what the man has to say.


  1. Gosh you prolific you I'm getting caught uop in this whirlwind of tasty bytes. Eric Idle, great read there. I broke up with John Cleese after many, many years when he married the friend of his daughter's. Broke my heart did ol' John.



  3. Oh dear....hours spent reading the blog and reading about the reading. My mascara was a wreck but my brain was happy.


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