Sunday, April 3, 2016

Me & Frazey Ford

It was the rawness of her voice, the emotion in it.
Where was that? Somewhere in Edmonton? I seem to remember her onstage but, like many memories, they aren't reliable. Maybe she was on TV. It was a long time ago.
What struck me most, next to her singing, was that she was on that stage in front of a full audience and she was missing — if I remember correctly — her top teeth.
Onstage singing without your teeth. Now that takes nerve!

Another thing I'm noticing a lot of lately is that women are no longer wearing loose, dark clothing in an effort to hide "extra" poundage. Nosirree! They are putting on pretty duds, tight ones, even, and letting it all hang out. Gotta admire that kind of self-respecting, take-me-as-I-am courage. It's well past time we stopped hiding ourselves away, as if we're not perfect enough.

Could I be completely wrong about the teeth?


  1. I love Frazey Ford. I can see her top teeth in the second video you posted, so is it a bottom denture that is missing? I wouldn't really notice to tell you the truth, she presents such a compelling image to accompany the sound of her voice. The first video, Done, I fell in love with a while ago. It just goes to show you that an enchantingly feminine image can be created based on the natural beauty of any woman, as long as it flows from her. It is only the plastic dolls that have to be perfect, the assembly line chics.

    I love the song Done, hits a deep cord in my life experience.

    1. It was a long, long time ago. I think maybe even before she was with the Be Good Tanyas.

  2. I love the bobby pin in Frazey's hair.


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