Saturday, August 27, 2016


This exact view has been seen here many times. Fortunately I never tire of it, as it's the road south of our driveway. The camera pulls the distant (three-quarters of a mile; it takes 15 minutes to walk there) yield sign close and makes a flattish road appear to undulate, which it really does only slightly. And another tree, killed by its floodsoaked roots, is leaning badly and will have to be removed:

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Driving home from town one evening last week, the moon ahead insisted on my full attention. Most of the daylight was gone already and my camera doesn't have bells and whistles, but I stopped for this anyway:

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Oh! Gotta go. Newest baby is at her grandma's just down the road for the weekend, and I requested a phone call when I could have a turn holding little Juliet. Her great-grandmother, who left here just a half-hour ago, still hadn't had the opportunity, so is clearly being very generous to me right now.


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Julie on "Two Days in Heaven":
It was perfectly great and greatly perfect!

Yes indeedy. Sigh. It turned out that my appointment Tuesday morning (which was the reason I chose to come home Monday) was cancelled, so I could have spent another day and night there after all,. Oh how I wanted to! But maybe I wouldn't have been quite so content there, without your company. So all's well that ends well. I was left wanting more ... and that's a good thing, or so they say.


  1. Beautiful pics! Love the moon. Can never get enough of her when she shows her whole self.
    Hope you had fun with that baby.

  2. Ah babies! We get photos almost daily of our great-granddaughter Lilly but it's not the same as holding her. It is however, better than living in another country, as we did when my two older kids were small.

    And that photo of the moon!


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