Monday, October 24, 2016

Wandering Around in a Fog

Maybe today the fog will finally lift.

Taken from the back step.

It's so quiet. Although one night the train was so loud you'd swear it was less than a mile away. And there are no railway tracks within four miles of our place. 

Scott says a loud train means a change in weather.  

We fully expect at least a week of sun and warmth to get the flax crop off, and if we don't get it we'll be putting in a complaint with the powers that be. 


  1. love fog as long as you don't have to drive in it.the air will be nice and moist.we get none of that here

  2. Hopefully the weather improves. Good luck.

  3. Flax you say - when I was farming with my ex we always seeded flax but we were the only farmers around who did so. Love those pretty blue flowers that look like an ocean when all in bloom.
    PS: I think there's many complaints in with the powers that be.


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