Saturday, June 26, 2010

A One-Dog Family

Casper Doodle the Dumpling Dog

Down to one farm dog, and I think we'll keep it that way unless Buckminster Duckster III a.k.a. Little Lord Fauntleroy comes for a visit. But he's a house dog so that hardly counts.

Casper has been taking out the screens in the basement windows when it thunders. Not good, because we need those windows open to help dry out the basement.

Damn dogs. Good thing they're so loveable, or they'd never survive.


  1. Know what you mean. I would have killed my numerous times, if that had looked up at me with those "I'm sorry, Mom." eyes.

  2. I agree too! Pretty sure the one we have will be our last. Love her to bits but life's changing and have so much more travelling to do.

  3. Val say......................July 1, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    We always brought our dog in during a thunderstorm, laid on a mat right by the door, as good as gold and as quiet as a mouse. Dogs are NOT allowed in my house as you well know, but dogs are like little children and thunder scares the dickens out of them so at times we have to overlook. Bring Casper in you mean dog lover!

  4. When it was particularly cold this winter we brought her into the porch one day and she chewed up the brand new door within 20 minutes, trying to get out. I don't know why, as she liked coming into the porch once in a while at the old place and behaved perfectly well over there.
    Dogs are weird.


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