Monday, June 28, 2010


Who needs a Yorkie pup?

Karen has two that will be ready to go to new homes in about four weeks.
The one on the left is the male; he is twice the size of the female.


  1. Oh absolutely gorgeous! Just as well I'm a very long way away!

  2. Yorkies are so cute. Hope they find a good home.

  3. They are as sweet as can be. I am so, so tempted ... but then, what would I do when Ducky needs a place to stay? So I must restrain myself.

  4. Well, I had posted a comment but who knows where it went or if I even did it right in the first place.

    And Karen lives in Saskatchewan! Too bad, I would love the female and I would name her Gigi. She's so cute!

  5. She's half the size of the male, but costs twice as much!

  6. I think it´s really fun reading your blog!
    And how cute weren't theese ones?! It's a pity that the whole Atlantic separates us, I would buy one immediatley!!! (Without asking my dear partner, he would most likely say no if I did.. ;))

    Well, it's soon bedtime over here, so I think I'll have to wish you all a really good DAY! :D

  7. My sister Karen's partner has been saying no to house pets for the past 25 years! But it hasn't stopped her ... much.
    Nice to see you here, Elin; we like reading your dad and Marit's blogs, too. Where is yours?

  8. Saw that you had written a comment in swedish in Marit's blog =)
    I have one, but I'm really, really bad at writing in it.. (and if I do it's almost always about the horses)
    Here's the address to my homepage (and blog)

  9. I used the Google translator to leave the comment, and of course I also use it to read Marit's blog.

    Now I'm going to go check out yours. Thanks for the url.


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