Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Around the House

Rock incense from Saudi Arabia (thanks to Bev Ziola)
the birthday cards
coffee-table book
Yes, a real seahorse. Very old -- like, 50 years.
My baby holds the baby
Under my pillow. Where do you keep YOUR pyjamas during the day?


  1. I have kept my P.J's under my pillow since I was old enough to wear them.

  2. Love these photos. I feel like I just strolled by and dropped in for a coffee.

    I'm a nighty-wearer, but I do keep them under my pillow. Once, many years ago, I made myself a silky, lace-covered envelope that matched my bedding. I ended up using it for a pillow and I think I had the same nighty in it for 3 years

  3. I love this post! It's very fun! Like Lorna said, it's is so like stopping in for tea!!! :) BTW - I should do that again soon shouldn't I? LOL


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