Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My friend Stacia passed along good news this morning: that the groundhog has predicted spring will be here in six weeks.
I'm looking forward to putting my bare feet on lush green grass again.
Though not, I'll admit, to the water that will be coming into the basement or to the mosquitoes and woodticks.


  1. Can't even think of skeeters and mould, gimme my summer back!!!!

  2. We have a few weeks between the retreat of he snow and the onset of black-fly season. The first year we lived here we couldn't figure out why people were so enamored with these few weeks... now we know.
    Love the shoes, are they for real?

  3. I don't know about those shoes ... imagine they're a photoshopped image, but ya Just Never Know.

  4. Those shoes could be for real. On I saw a shop where a gal had carved out the foot bed on some old platform or high heel/high sole type shoes and put plants in them.. The were very neat, but cost a few for old shoes :)

  5. Real or not, those are attention-getting feet.


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