Monday, February 28, 2011


One of these days ....


  1.'re going to feed those birds?

    ...those seven trees are going to move to the right and stop obstructing your view of the red barn?

    ...I'll give up trying to get maple syrup out of the back yard?

  2. ... that black cat is going to catch one of those birds!

  3. Naughty kitty! Keeping my fingers crossed for the birds.

  4. It's cute now, when he never catches anything. The day he does, I will be mortified. As it is, I send telepathic messages to the birds: "You watch out! That cat is after you!" and when he's ready to pounce, I knock on the window.

  5. I totally missed the cat---now when I look at the photo, I can see an evil presence, but first time around, I must have been using my left brain.


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