Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boys about the House

What's he so delighted about?

Little shit.
He jumped out at me when I came through a door, and I shrieked.
He's quite pleased with himself.

Now here, we have Scott working on a sliver in his finger last night after a long hard day:

Note: the television remotes are never out of reach when he sits down in the living room.


  1. Sliver removal, my favorite! I have wonderful professional grade tweezers and a magnifying lamp, which makes most sliver removal operations easy. The tough one's of course, are still tough. Attila gets a lot of slivers.

  2. Your little shit post so much reminded me of my son and oldest daughter. They used to freak each other out like that all the time. Almost everyday one would get the other.

  3. Lucky you didn't bop him on the head out of reflects. Why do men love the remote?


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