Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Joan and Karen's Quilts

Joan's quilt

You asked to see my sisters' quilts, so here they are. I've been trolling through the old blog (Who does she think she is, Anaïs Nin?) and there they were. Joan, you've got yours finished, right?
Karen made the kind that didn't require quilting, so hers was done in a jiffy. This photo doesn't do it justice, but it's flannel and has these ruffly things between the squares; really nice:

Karen's quilt


  1. Beautiful! Family heirlooms.

    My Grandmother entrusted me with the quilt my she made for Centennial year, 1967. She did some of the stitching on her treadle Singer sewing machine and the rest is hand stitched. I am hoping to live long enough to pass it on to an interested Great Grandchild of mine, which would be her Great Great Great Grandchild - and I'll know them both if I'm lucky!

  2. Your sisters are talented, and patient. I can crochet but I only ever got started because it's quick.

  3. My sisters are also cute ... see


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