Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Days are Long and Hot

Ryan and his Uncle Scott tackle the basement

That was Monday and again Wednesday; me, I didn't get much done this week besides weeding the flowerbed, giving it a good soaking — we've had horridly hot and humid weather — and one night we watched funnel clouds forming just north of our yard. Quite the thing. Tornados were seen and at least one touched down just a few miles from us.

I've just returned from my first 45-minute walk in several weeks; the soles of my feet aren't happy.

Time to take Emil to town so this is me, waving ....


  1. Kate, we know the misery of a damp/wet basement! Just had our perimeter dug up, drainage tile installed, exterior wall tarred and dimplex over all. That and the sump pump should keep up with it, or so we hope. Time will tell.

    The fellows do not look like their are having fun. I see where they have had to go through the concrete floor, what a miserable job.

    Glad to see your post, was needing a sane voice and here it is!

  2. This is me, waving back, the following morning.

  3. Hope the basement gets sorted out. Its not walking weather here either.


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