Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lady Who Froze

The camera didn't catch the sheets of blowing snow. I only walked a mile yesterday because the wind was being windy. (What? I'm not trying to be writerly here.)

Out walking in flustery blustery winter conditions, I usually think of the lady who froze to death walking home from Margo. It was only a mile from town and she wanted to get back to her family before the blizzard blew in, so she set out on foot.

She is buried in the Margo cemetery, and someone put her portrait in one of those little frames you can now purchase to attach to tombstones. The story is probably in the Margo history book, where I likely first heard it.

I'm going to look it up. But not now. Back to work, for me.


  1. Brrrr looks very cold. Took myself out for a walk yesterday too, thankfully milder temperature and finally some sun. Bundle up and keep warm.

  2. Truly a cautionary tale Kate!

    It reminds me of an incident here in the near north of Ontario, that occurred a few years ago; a woman went out for a nice autumn walk near her home, hunters shot her, she died. I do not go for walks during hunting season.

    I had been aware since the early 70s that walking in the bush here is dangerous during hunting season. We had a cottage and were staying there during hunting season. A boat slowly motored by, in it were two hunters, one of whom had a loaded gun aimed at the shore waiting for something to move. We hit the ground and didn't move. Still here!

  3. That's terrible!
    I stick to the road in the fall, and wear red and orange. And still worry a little.
    Teresa I guess you don't worry about hunters in the middle of Montreal!

  4. Don't have to worry about hunters, just crazy drivers! Quebecers are known to have a heavy foot on the pedal and don't stop for people on crosswalks etc.

  5. Zip up your Columbia and your Helly Hansens! It's winter in Canerdia!
    I was outside yesterday hauling stuff to the dumpster and I was sweating in -20C.

    1. I'm shopping for a new winter jacket; Columbia, you say?
      A friend near Whitehorse suggested Canada Goose brand; I've seen what I want, online, but it's $650. That must be some kind of jacket!
      But I'll keep shopping around for a while. I need a tube-type hood to keep the icy wind off my face on my walks; and ideally a light jacket that won't require three layers of clothing beneath it.
      Suggestions welcome. My only stipulation is that it's made in Canada. I don't want anymore Made-in-China crap that the zipper-pulls break off of, the sleeves are cold, and so on. My current jacket was ordered from Sears and I thought I was spending a lot when it cost $150, but it was warm -- for a while. Then the sleeves got cold and the zipper went to hell and so on. But I've had my money's worth from it, that's for sure.
      Now I'm willing to spend more if I can find good quality. The Canada Goose brand guarantees its merchandise for "lifetime."


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