Friday, February 15, 2013

Damn Sight

Neighbour's uninhabited farmyard
Snorking back some oatmeal made with sunflower and flax seeds for breakfast. And honey and cinnamon. I should live forever, eating this way.

Then it's off to the north country (small city of Tisdale, home of comedian Brent Butt of Corner Gas fame) for the biennial eye exams.

Emil: "I don't want to go. They might say I need glasses."

Last time we went, the optometrist let him throw out his glasses, which he'd been wearing since he was in elementary school. Now, as then, to read he cocks his head to the side and puts the book right up to his face. Tell me how it's possible he doesn't need glasses?

"As long as he doesn't develop headaches, he doesn't really need them," she said, pleasing Emil no end.

It makes no sense to me.

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  1. Kay and I both had astigmatisms at our last eye appointments. Then this year, magically, neither of us did. I think it's a guessing game, much like meteorology. LOL!


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