Friday, February 15, 2013

Tisdale, Sask

Turning onto mainstreet Tisdale after leaving the optometrist clinic, where we learned our eye appointments are not till March 1st. So much for writing things on the calendar. I had them pencilled in for today and March. Hmph.
We're heading home. At least Scott got his new lenses picked up, so the trip wasn't a waste of time.

Is Tisdale known for its honey? Don't ask me.
Ah, just checked it out at The Canadian Encyclopedia.
Tisdale, home of the world's largest honeybee.


  1. How have I missed seeing the Big Bug on all my trips through Tisdale?

  2. Gotta love that Canadian Encyclopedia!

  3. Tisdale has/had the coolest store ever: it was called Curiosity Corner and it completely defied explanation. If it is still there when you go back you have to check it out.
    Also, they used to have a Hannigans, which was the best burger this side of the Dairy Bar in Wadena back in the day!


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