Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Mom's Birthday

What is all this complaining I'm hearing about the snow? These are beautiful days.
And dagnabbit, I'm going to get out there in the sunshine this afternoon somehow, deskwork nothwithstanding.

Today is Mom's birthday. She'd be 72. I would have liked to see her at 72! Would she have started ageing by now? She would be losing sleep over Jolene's condition, that's for sure; and our family friend Joanne's.

What could I have bought Mom for a gift this year, I wonder.
Every once in a while I see something in a store and think "Mom would like that" and then remember ....


  1. I often do the same, think "oh I can't wait to call mom and tell her..." Yeah.
    I'm glad you're choosing to mark the day she arrived on this planet, it truly is the best day to think of lost loved ones.
    May you have peace in your heart today, and always.

  2. I feel quite the same that there's no getting over the loss of a Mom, she always seems to sneak into your thoughts. Take care.


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