Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Queen Jolene

It must be spring, because gravel was showing in patches through the snow on the gravel road today!

I haven't been for a proper walk since my back began making an exhibition of itself, but this afternoon I got 15 minutes down the road and turned around at the seventh twinge rather than risk overdoing it. Can't wait to get back to normal. Shouldn't be long; almost there. So grateful to have a healthy back again, I can't tell you!

In other news, those who know my cousin Jolene (Neil's daughter) may or may not be aware that she was in a bad accident on Friday afternoon that she was lucky to get out of alive. She is banged up pretty good, with broken ribs, breastbone, pelvis and foot, bruised lungs and a lacerated spleen. And god knows what else; it's quite a list. She ran into a semi or under one or something, or it ran into her. She thought she was a goner, and so did everyone else at the scene. She will be on her back for a month or so and is still in a lot of pain -- almost vomited when they got her up for physio today, she said.

But she will be all right. She is a very feisty person and she will need all that feistiness, too, over the next while.

Everett, my son: I will be so busy texting Jolene to help her keep occupied that you may get a break from my texting "jokes" for a while! Or maybe not. Cross your fingers.

Jolene and I spoke on the phone a couple times today. She is, even flat on her back, telling her husband what to do and how to do it re looking after their 9-yr-old daughter, taking care of business, and so on. Like a queen, I said!

Meanwhile, the deer are still coming into the yard; there were six today, including this little one:

Ate all the birdseed under the feeders. What else is there?


  1. Wishing your cousin a speedy and pain free recovery!

    Back problems are miserable, glad to hear your back is on the mend.

    We are seeinga bit of black on the drive too. Spring is hinting a return.

  2. All the best to your cousin, hope she is back on her feet in record time.

  3. Yay for queen Jolene, long may she reign, hopefully soon in the upright position!

    Your deer and my moose...I smell a conspiracy!

    P.S. it's me, Rox.


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