Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday before Sunday

My weekend companion

Been outside with my housecoat and coffee, pulled dandelions and grass from flowerbeds, sat on deck overlooking slough birds for a while. Lovely lovely.
Came in, read and wrote a little, wiped counters, ran water over stacked dishes in sink, made scrambled eggs and toast, brought them to desk to eat while reading and writing a little. Did a little work that is like play, online.
Next: do dishes, wash and dress. Emil is here and maybe we’ll go for a drive out Margo way. I love the days off.  
Finished the dishes, ooh it’s spic and span out there! Emil has been out for a stroll around the yard. I went out after him with my hat, as he was in the bright sunlight at the noon hour. Now it’s a quick dip in the tub for me and then — then — well, we shall see.

Lorna! Cathy! Have you got a phone number or mailing address for the Uff Da lady? Her website appears to be down. And I want to order a vat of lemongrass lotion.

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  1. Hi, discouraging to have to look through my Orders file tonight to find this; maybe it will make a new woman of me to see how much I've sent off blithely to Kobo and Chapters.


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