Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wall Mural at Kylemore

When Emil and I go for a weekend drive toward Margo, we first go a few miles south to the convenience store at Kylemore for a pop and chips to nibble on while ambling at about 40 kph through the countryside.

Yesterday afternoon I parked facing this building so the hot sun would be behind Little Green (car) and open windows might coax a breeze through.

I've never seen a bear around here, by the way. But upon occasion one has been spotted.
As for buffalo, the odd rancher raises a herd of them.

Today it's rainy and cool, and my flowers don't mind one bit.


My friend Julie said something just right about grief and loss, and I was going to quote her here because her words were just so Damn Right, but I see she has posted them on her own blog so I'll just point you in that direction: Here you go.

For me, the song that has more than once been heard at a coincidental time that made me feel like Mom was giving me a sign is this one, The Mother Song:


  1. Kate, how apt, the "catch phrases" surrounding loss of loved ones are surely used by "those who don’t know any better, and likely don’t want to know".

    The movement of energy in the universe is amazing to me, I posted a blog of of my own first thing this morning, First Visit, then checked my inbox and read your entry...

    They are always with us, those we love...

    1. Maggie, I wish I knew that were true ... that they are always with us.
      I believe it, I think I've been given signs sometimes that convinced me, and yet I never have really "felt" or "sensed" the presence of anyone, physically. Considering they aren't physical, that actually makes sense!


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