Monday, April 27, 2015

Blue Trunk

Scott spent almost three hours mowing our lawn on Friday afternoon, and it rained Saturday so everything is greening up nicely.

That's here.

This weekend in Saskatoon, where we went on newspaper-related business (workshops and an awards banquet), there was heavy snowfall and on Sunday morning the streets were a real mess.

We were bringing Scott's mom home from City Hospital yesterday after a knee replacement, so stopped at a nearby pharmacy to pick up her prescription for painkillers. Scott soaked his socks and shoes in the parking lot, and I, warm and dry in the half-ton, admired this old trunk that someone is using for garbage (I assume) in their backyard parking space. I was also shocked that anyone would put it outside to be ruined by weather.

Why, I believe this blue matches my eyes! Hee!
If you're ever looking for a place to have a banquet, don't overlook the Sheraton Cavalier in downtown Saskatoon. Someone around there really knows how to cook. Fabulous. I was sorely disappointed to be a person with a relatively small appetite.


  1. Getting caught up with you. I thought that ball might be the top of a gate pillar, that look is popular in Ireland but maybe not in the wilds of Saskatchewan :)

    Lovely photos of those deserted/neglected farms.


    1. I took Maggie's suggestion and contacted Jim Merriman in the geology department at the University of Saskatchewan. He emailed with this: "It looks like a concretion." It looks like these things are not all that rare, even if this is the first one I've ever seen or that anyone I showed it to has seen.

  2. I've got a brown one like that in the garage, full of inherited dolls. I'd like to put it out like that. they are actually a burden, but i keep thinking somewhere I'll run across someone who wants them. I wasn't a tomboy but never did get the doll thing either ...

    1. I have two old trunks I haven't been able to part with. One belonged to my great-great uncle Archie Jones, who was killed when the Caribou was torpedoed by the Germans; the other was given to me by my grandfather. The former has nothing stored in it and is taking up space in the porch for no good reason. The other is where I keep the Xmas decs. With luck Everett will take both, one of these days.


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