Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Evening Chorus

The frogs are supervocal these days.
Last night I had to take loaves of bread to the deep freeze in the quonset, so I set my camera up on the deck railing to record the singing and croaking.
Turn up your computer's volume if you want to get a realistic idea of the sound all around our house.

WWW: Does this old girldog not look like she could be Ansa's cousin?


  1. What a chorus! The highlight for me Kate was to hear your voice! First time!

    1. You mean I have never posted the "Walking with Kate" videos or the one where I warble along with Nat King Cole? I will have to see where those ended up. I never like what I see of myself in photos or hear in recordings, so it may well be I've never posted them. However, this long afterward, some of the self-criticalness should be weaker ... .

    2. Here you go, Maggie: 1) scaring the deer away from our trees when they were starving one winter 2) unknowingly filmed by Everett on a summer walk 3) and warbling along with Nat King Cole (the kind of thoughtless singing I apparently do all the time, driving Scott nuts because, he says, I never sing an entire song, just bits and pieces; and seriously, I warble at my own pace; no wonder it makes him crazy!):




  2. I was just thinking "Ansa"! when I saw your comment. Amazing likeness, they move the same too :)

    Lovely frog symphony, it has to be spring now when they croak it like that :)


    1. Partly because they're both old gals. Jenna is 13.

  3. Thanks Kate! So glad Everett caught you unawares, very special!


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