Friday, February 22, 2013

Bread City ~ Part 4

Dishes all done and dusted while bread bakes.
Bread will cool at least four hours before being bagged.
Scarf and apron hung up for the day.

That's when I sink into a tub of steaming water to relax a while before carrying on with the day.
And wouldn't you know it, that's when the deer decide to come into the yard for lunch!
Fortunately Scott is back home doing some bookwork, and calls me when he goes to find the camera:

They approach— a doe, a yearling, and two born this spring.
The doe keeps watch out beyond the truck.
They must be seriously hungry. They are right outside the window where I'm standing, and they can see me.

"I'd hate to lose a tree to them though," Scott says. Finally he can't take it, and goes out to put the hay in their faces. And they all bounce away — sproing! sproing! — like kangaroos.


  1. Kate, how do you store your bread? I have a breadbox, but it only holds one loaf. If you freeze any of your bread how to you wrap it to go in the freezer?

  2. I bought freezer-friendly bags from a commercial bakery, and I freeze them in those.

  3. Deer love cedar trees! That bread looks amazing. I can almost taste the warm butter melting on it. Ugh. Now I'm craving.

  4. K, I have tasted some bread that you made, and I am a fan! Remember when you came to stay overnight and you brought a lot of homemade food? All of it was delicious!


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