Monday, April 27, 2009

Still No Green

Aside from the sky and the blue reflected in the sloughs, everything is in brown and gold tones.

I don't mind one bit. Warm days are right around the corner. My walks are short in this weather—a half-hour at most— because the wind is cold. Even a winter coat and something on the head don't make for a pleasant stroll, unless you can get out of the wind. I have not taken my ski pants off the hanger for several weeks, so none of you can laugh at me. But I have considered them.

The boys and I have finished supper—whole wheat spaghetti, homemade marinara sauce, and some kind of pork that was thawed in the fridge so I figured I'd fry it up for Scott. He and I have a half-baked plan to take a drive into to town tonight. A little date, if he ever gets home (it's 7:30 now). He Who Must Not Be Mentioned failed to make sure his bag of clothing was in the vehicle when the boys left Edmonton with their dad, and so it was shipped on the bus on Friday and arrived this morning. Someone has been wearing the same pair of pants for the past six days. Bet there will be a lot of double-checking next time, before they leave the city.

I was under the weather with a neck-migraine yesterday so wasn't able to go to Kelvington and see Grandma. Must reschedule; and meanwhile, try to catch her in her room, by phone. Wish me luck with that one. Miss Out-and-About doesn't stay home too much. This is desirable, of course; she's busy, just the way she likes it.

"A mythical half-man, half-animal called Tyi Wara is honored annually on this date with songs and dance by farmers in the African republic of Mali. It is believed among the Bambara tribe of that region that Tyi Wara was sent down to Earth by the gods of nature in order to teach human beings the necessary skills of farming." - Original Source Unknown