Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Oven-y Kind of Day

Not drying a ton of wild herbs and flowers this year. Above, just yarrow, pineapple weed and giant hyssop, all of which I will use for teas.

I am able to prevail upon Everett to do the dishes once, most days, and he likes to do them while listening to podcasts of a CBC radio program, Wiretap. He will happily do anything I request if he is within earshot of this show.

Today Ducky Doodle awakened me at 4 a.m. to let him out on "business," and I stood waiting for him as the cold wind blew. Of course I crawled back into bed immediately; can't meander about the yard in The Most Lovely and Soft Green Housecoat in that kind of weather. Now, in the late morning, we've had thunder and hard rain and one short power outage so far.

Yesterday at 5 a.m. when the brat asked to be let out, it was so gorgeous out there I didn't want to come in, but foolishly hadn't grabbed my housecoat so had to. But the air was mild and soft, mist hung above the dugout seen from the back step and over the slough in the distance, and the birds had begun fairly laidback morning chirpings. These are among the moments that I feel absolutely blessed to live where I do; and there are many.

Perhaps the early morning hours are just as refreshing from the balcony of a city highrise. I expect so.

Well, no slowcooker plugged in to the outside of the house today. We shall use the oven in creation of culinary delights -- or maybe just plodding dull things like beef roasts, which keep Scott fueled up.