Saturday, June 27, 2009

Re-roofing Begins

He looks so sexy when he's working.

What am I talking about...he's always working. And I do find him sexy. (More than you wanted to know, sisters-in-law?)

This morning Scott and Devon started preparing the roof for shingling. They were tearing off the eaves or something when I made a mad dash for Wynyard to pick up a part, before the John Deere dealership closed at noon, for the riding mower.

Was worried I might not make it in time when a local RCMP officer stopped me just north of town to advise detouring around the main street, where the annual country fair parade had just begun. I took the long way through residential streets to the other side of town, and passed groups of people sitting on the grass or parked in lawnchairs in their front yards, waiting for the parade to come by. I waved and smiled royally as I sailed on by.