Friday, August 5, 2016

High Density

Everyone does dumb things sometimes, right? Things that make you realize you are not nearly as smart as you think you are and as a matter of fact, you can actually be quite dense. It happens to me fairly often; keeps me humble.

Here's one of my fuckups, one that makes me look like a real weasel, but I swear it was just me being oblivious to the way things work in the material world.

This happened about 10 years ago, maybe more. I was driving Scott's half-ton that has one of those toppers on the box so that I didn't feel confident I could see properly to the rear. I'd parked in front of the library and when I went to leave, I backed up and lightly bumped the vehicle behind me. Out I jumped to see if there was any damage. 

Well there was; a headlight was broken. But there was no glass on the ground, so I figured It must have been broken before! and after only a short wait (I had to be someplace, forget where), whence the driver of the other vehicle never came out of a nearby building, I got back into the truck and drove off, assuming it hadn't been me who broken the headlight.

I was about six blocks away when I realized that of course I had broken the headlight, but the glass would have been pushed inside and wouldn't have been on the ground in front! D'uh! I immediately turned around and went back to take responsibility for the headlight and pay for the repairs, but the vehicle was already gone and I had no idea whose it was. 

Man, did I feel like an ass. And still do! And to think that someone may have seen me hit that vehicle, get out to inspect the carnage, and then drive away without waiting for the owner ... they would really think me a weasel, and who could blame them?  

One of these days, I'll tell you about the time I got caught almost-shoplifting ... and had no idea ... this is how rumours get started, I tell ya ... .

I am great-aunt to these three sweeties who had an iced tea stand set up near their home in Kelvington one day a couple weeks ago. Scott and I stopped and bought some, of course, which my niece says they were quite excited about. That's the shadow of the truck we were in as we put in our order. Trea, in the background there, was struggling to set up an umbrella to keep the hot sun off them, and getting no aid from her brothers till finally she got exasperated and said "Can somebody please help me here?!"

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Secret Agent Woman has left a new comment on your post "Please Stand By": 
That bites. I always feel so cut off when I'm internet-less. 

It's a change, that's for sure. What does one do with oneself when one is accustomed to sitting down at the computer with coffee first thing in the morning to check mail? In my case, it helped: I'd decided to do my walking before coffee each day instead of waiting till later, and having no internet made it easier. 

Teresa has left a new comment on your post "Please Stand By": 
OMG if we had no internet at home. Someone would go absolutely ape shit. Hope you get back online soon. 

We are accustomed to frequent outages that last overnight, so Friday was no big deal. I went to the city on Saturday, came home Monday, and by the time I got home from work on Wednesday we had received the necessary parts in the mail and Scott had the internet up and running again. Yay, Scott! He was probably the one going ape-shit in our house, without the internet. 

Wisewebwoman has left a new comment on your post "Please Stand By": 
How awful for you but on the positive side I can finally keep pace with you. 

Just the fact that you visit this blog at all is so damn flattering. I mean it.

Erin Kelly has left a new comment on your post "Mysterious Egg": 
That's a hilarious mix-up! 

And a miracle I hadn't thrown that egg in the garbage before I had things figured out.

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