Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cool Spring Day

At this rate it won't be long before all the snow is gone. However, it's still cold out there. The wind pretty much slices into your eyeballs. I don't much want to go outdoors, even though the sun is shining and I know from long experience that once I'm out there I'll be as content as could be, as long as I'm dressed warmly. 

So I'll go, and see what I can see. 

Last night I left the office and stopped over to see Emil, who's had a cold all week and wanted his mom to make sure he's all right. After picking up a bag of groceries,  I drove out of town. Nearing home, I saw an owl perched in a treetop. Maybe this is the one I've been hearing; the one that left its wingmarks in the snow along the driveway. 

Because I had a few things to bring in, I pulled right up to the step and got a start when a large bird flew past, right in front of the car. The prairie chicken! Oh how nice it is to have chickens we don't have to look after. We are careful not to mention it, though, to Emil, for he is afraid of chickens. We don't know why, but he is. He only likes to eat them. If we got chickens for the coop here in the farmyard, he'd think twice about coming for a weekend. I guess we could call it by its correct name (spruce grouse?) and maybe then he wouldn't make the connection.

Now well on its way out
And now, to compile and send out my monthly newsletter, Kate's Five Things.
See ya later.