Friday, March 23, 2012

Not if You're Spider Challenged

Another animated clip sent to me by my little Everett:
"A brief journey through a world of spiders and the never-ending networks that bind their universe together: Cobwebs - Cyriak"

Kaia Leaves

Everett made a comic from this photo, back in the day

Sadly, my sister Karen lost her little dog Kaia (right) last night due to the dogly consumption of something she shouldn't have swallowed; something sharp.


Once upon a time I had a big appetite. I went to bed at night dreaming about what I’d have for breakfast in the morning, and looking forward to it.

Now it’s the opposite. I’ve got to make a point of remembering to eat three meals a day, and push myself to get a healthy snack down my neck in between. Over the past year, by measuring out the day's allotment each morning, I’ve managed to be sure to drink enough water. But consuming enough vegetables and fruit is one thing I haven’t mastered; I’d rather swallow a convenient slice of dry bread on a run-by than chomp on a messy orange or gnaw on an apple. Bananas are great because they’re quick and easy to eat, but I stop buying them in the late spring as soon as the first mosquito appears, and don’t start again till after the fall freeze-up.

So it was with some delight that I sipped on smoothies each morning spent at my friend Cathy’s in Edmonton and realized that this could solve my not-enough-fruit problem. Frozen berries and/or any fruit with a dash of skim milk and a few spoonsful of plain yogurt, whipped in a blender, and I’m in business! It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it gets the fruit in. 

It took me till Wednesday afternoon to bring the blender up from the basement storage room (it requires three trips up and down the stairs to do one load of laundry from start to finish; I still think we should set up the laundry room in the porch instead) so I could have a smoothie the next morning.