Wednesday, June 8, 2016

We've Got Grouse-lings

Pulling into the driveway this evening, I saw a ruffed grouse standing on the gravel. I slowed down, pressed the button to put my window down, and turned on the camera that was hanging by a strap on my wrist. Prepared, donchaknow. But still, by the time I got the thing aimed and focused, she had disappeared into the trees.
What I did see, however, were several tiny little fluffballs making their way into the trees after her. 
A ha! The lonely grouse got himself a sweetheart after all!
I came into the house, all smiles.

Poor old Scottie was lounging on the couch, sniffling, after a night spent largely awake because Ducky Doodle was afraid of the lengthy thunderstorm we got and wouldn't leave Scott alone. Me, I just lay abed, thrilled at the wondrousness of the noise, before sleeping like a baby. Guess I should've gotten up and told them both to quit being so silly. 

First bloomage. Standing at the kitchen sink isn't so bad when you've got flowers to look at.

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Maggie Turner on "Catching Up": 
Love your dog-gone dish Kate! Congratulations to Everett on his new room mate, cats are cool. Enjoy your ant-i-social activities! I'm on a roll... or not. :) 

I'll make a point of enjoying the summertime guests and trips. Usually you can't drag me out of my little piece of paradise -- after all, it took me so long to get here -- but I realize that people are more important than places and so I must rouse myself.

Lorna on "Catching Up": 
I read and thought I commented on your monthly letter, but it's entirely possible that I forgot one of the essential parts of posting. I never miss your posts, but sometimes have only a reaction, not an add-on. 

I'm the same. There isn't always something worth saying, whether an entry is moving or not.  

Eating from the dog's bowl "priceless". Do like you new dish. Nice you got to cuddle the latest addition to the family. Enjoy the nice weather. 

The dish is a bit of a treat ... nice and heavy ... thanks to the dog (or its owner, I guess) that pushed me into buying it, I have a new toy. Funny how much pleasure I can take from using a new plate! As for the nice weather, Tuesday night there was a wild thunderstorm here that, unfortunately for Scott, scared Ducky Doodle, who kept him up half the night. Me, I just enjoyed that rolling thunder.

That's a big garden. Baby's are magical, aren't they? 

He's got as much space as he wants and more, that's for sure, but in the end didn't plant a very large garden.
Babies ... there isn't anything more adorable. When they're content, that is.