Monday, March 21, 2016

A Bird a Day

That's how dangerous our north-facing windows are.
Each day I hear a feathered friend hit the living room window.
Usually they bounce off and fly up into the oak trees, but not always, not in the past three days.
Two redpolls lie dead out there right now, and this little fluffball sat on the front step snowbank for quite a while this morning. I had begun to think about how to go about rescue & repair, but finally it was gone when I looked again.

Redpoll; picture taken through dining room window.

For years I kept "work" clothes, "paint" clothes, in a small pile in the closet. Finally I threw them out because they never got worn. Now I need them to prime and paint the birdsaver "beam" but I'm not a tidy painter and don't want to ruin my jeans. Isn't that always the way; isn't that the reason we hang onto things that we rarely use, that clutter our spaces.

Lorna, thanks for posting this link!
I was just about to sit down to work, but couldn't tear myself away and watched the whole thing.
Tribute to Paul McCartney:
I watched that first Ed Sullivan show the Beatles were on, but not closely. Mom was excited about it and got my little sister Karen and me out of bed to see them (I was about four and Karen was two). I was expecting real beetles to be singing and playing though, so was disappointed and bored, as musical acts were of no interest to me.